Spokane Birth Support

Whether you are looking for someone to guide you through pregnancy, birth and postpartum or if you would like a little help with comfort techniques for baby or smoothing out breastfeeding challenges, I'm here to support you!


As an experienced doula, birth educator and lactation educator I provide complete support for you and your family’s individual needs. I am your guide for this special baby, to ease your way and support you in creating the family you desire! 

~ Belly Henna or Breastfeeding Class Visit

~ Birth Preferences Guidance
~ Handouts & Referrals 
~ Lending Library of Books and DVD's 
~ Phone, Text & E-mail Support
~ Tips For a Comfortable Pregnancy
~ Tips on Encouraging Optimal

Baby Positioning
~ Suggestions on What Type of Relaxation Will Be Most Beneficial to You 

~Assistance Practicing Skills & Relaxation For Maximum Benefit During Labor


~ For the last 5 weeks of your pregnancy
~ Available ANY HOUR to support you

~Help determining if you are in labor
~Back-up available in case of sickness, teaching or emergencies

~ Support wherever you labor and birth, from one location to the next
~Help determining when to go to the hospital

~ Suggestions for activities or positions to help healthy labor progress
~ Reminders to eat, drink, rest etc.
~ CONSISTENT encouragement and reassurance for mom and support team THROUGHOUT LABOR
~ Relief for support team members
~ Suggestions for comfort measures (massage, hot/cold packs, pressure points, position changes, etc.)
~ Help implementing rehearsed relaxation techniques
~ Help making the birth place a calming environment; music, soft light, aromatherapy, faux candles (for hospital use), etc.
~ Provide support in keeping with the birth plan as much as possible, provide information about possible procedures, provide assistance with communicating with staff so that you are fully informed of all your options during labor and birth (in case you don't remember everything from your childbirth classes)

~Photo documentation if able

Care includes one(1) three hour visit. 

During this v​isit I can:
​~Assist with breastfeeding
~Help you come up with solutions to any challenges with baby or recovery
~Keep your baby happy so you can get some sleep or a shower
~Prepare a healthy meal or snacks
​~Snap some photos of baby or family
~Most other requested assistance

I would also love to discuss the birth and any other questions or concerns you may have as well as enjoy some time with your new family!


Complete Doula

Care Package


Support for Birth, Baby & Breastfeeding


Labor & Birth


Parents Say:

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Complete Doula Care

Doulas Make Birth Better!

If you don't already know, a quick internet search will show you that doulas make a BIG difference when it comes to having a baby!  Births tend to be safer, shorter and more comfortable making the experience more positive for both mom and dad. Studies have also shown that parents felt their relationship had improved since the birth of the baby when they were supported by a doula. Wow! How does it get better than that? Often your doula may be the only person in the room who is really familiar with what's important to your family when it comes to having your baby! As your doula I will guide you along the way, give you an informed perspective, help open doors for you to options that you may not have been aware of and support you in your decisions! 

I limit birth clients to 2 per month to ensure that I will attend your birth. Limiting monthly clients also allows plenty of time to assist you by email, text and phone as your due time nears.

For more information about doulas check out this Bloom Blog by Xylina,

Doulas: Your Maid of Honor for Birth 

Your care includes all the following pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum services!

*Please contact me to discuss payment terms as I am willing to work with you on a payment schedule so you can have the support you want. Trade for services may be considered. 

"Her support allowed my body do what it was made to do. I knew if I needed her she would step in and help me get back on track. It was through the support of Xylina that I had a successful, wonderful birth!!" ~Samantha
"Xylina’s class removed the fears we had about birth and she provided more support as a doula than we ever expected! She has a soothing, calm, encouraging voice and presence which served as an essential part of our natural birth. We appreciate how she helped us every step of the way!" ~Gloria & Ross

Additional Services: Postpartum & Breastfeeding Care

When your baby arrives would you like:

  • more time to bond with your baby
  • ​​more sleep
  • more energy, quicker recovery
  • more confidence and skills to meet your baby’s needs
  • more money
  • an easier breastfeeding experience
  • less doctor visits
  • less stress
  • less crying
  • less risk of postpartum depression

Get informed support so you get the information, tips and skills you need without wasting time and energy! Spend time with your baby instead of wading through the internet or endless books. With your parenting goals as my guide I give you reliable resources, safe options, and solutions that will work for your unique family with your values in mind.

Accomplish your breastfeeding goals! I give parents the support they need to avoid common issues that can lead to pain and early weaning. Learn tips, tricks and comfortable breastfeeding positions so you can rest. I would love to help you have the wonderful breastfeeding experience you want!

I’ll help you avoid products that don’t work and products you won’t use, putting money in your pocket. I love to teach families about baby massage, baby-wearing and baby sign language saving you money on expensive classes.

I'm there to whip up a healthy snack or light meal, help with laundry, light housekeeping and help you get some much needed rest, a shower or a break. I can also help the big brother or sister in your growing family with sibling adjustment.

​I'm a breastfeeding pro, a chef, a baby expert or whatever you need!

Certified Postpartum Doula/Lactation Specialist Fee
$20/hr (3 hour minimum per visit)
​$25/hr between 9pm and 7am (4 hour minimum)

"Xylina was a life savor! I had a difficult c-section so I had zero energy for about 3 weeks after my third baby was born. Xylina was such a great help and sense of comfort to me. Even if you have an easy birth, it’s so helpful to have her with you for even just a few days." ~Gina

BANI Parents

As a Certified Childbirth Educator I love offering doula services to BANI parents. My experience teaching birth classes and attending births allows me to assist you in utilizing all the skills and techniques you learned in class throughout your labor, birth and beyond. The more families I educate and assist with continuous doula support the more I'm convinced that it is an excellent way to experience an easier, more enjoyable pregnancy, birth and postpartum! Sign up for the BANI class along with your doula services and receive a $100 credit! Plus, you get a bonus postpartum visit ($60 value)!

"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it" ~Dr. Kennell 

Exploring Motherhood Support Group

Coming Fall 2015!

Join other moms and babies for support and friendship. Bring your baby and I will be there to answer whatever questions you have that week, direct you to resources and help you get to know other moms going through the same things. 

Membership: First group is always FREE!!!


Who: Moms and Babies Birth to 18 months

When: TBA

​Where: TBA

Dress Code: Spit-up stains, unwashed hair and other signs of survival mode ALWAYS welcome!

Parking: FREE Street Parking